Microsoft Expression Encoder SDK

Microsoft Expression Encoder SDK 2.0

Encoder SDK is a toolkit that allows creating applications which use API
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Expression Encoder SDK is a new toolkit that allows creating applications which use API. The size of this toolkit is 2.2 MB only. All samples have been created in two programming languages Visual C++ and Visual C#. The folder Sample contains just C# projects. SDK is just a toolkit that allows working with Microsoft Expression Encoder (i.e. it’s necessary to install it).
SDK contains just five samples:
Simple encode (Simple), Asynchronous encoding (WPF Encode), MediaInfo (MediaInfo), Publishing plug-in (PublishPlugin), Template plug-in (TemplatePlugin). Here you can find samples that show how you can convert a file from UI application, show the way how you can use MediaItem class and get information about media file, how to use publishing plug-in, how you can change the settings and interact through IPluginHost interface. Also the SDK installs a couple of XML files which enable intellisense comments within Visual Studio. There is a Docs folder which contains the help file along with a PNG of the object hierarchy. The help file contains an introduction, details on the samples, the API reference and a few other bits and pieces.

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  • Documentation
  • Actual code samples
  • XML files to enable Intellisense
  • Help file with introduction, details, API reference


  • Just toolkit (it's necessary to instal Expression Encoder)
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